Operationally at Ridgeview there are two distinct parts -

1. Product Development and Sign-Off
2. Production
Product Development and Sign Off
  • All products have to go through the first stage which is controlled by our Customer Services Team.
  • Every new item is given a unique Sample Number, this stays with that item throughout the whole operation.
  • A sample is developed to a brief given by our customers, the sample or a selection of sample options are then sent to our customer for their sign-off or comments.
  • If a sample is to be amended then a further Sample Number is issued which links back to the original, the sample is made and then sent again for sign-off.
  • The process continues until we get the sample finalised to the customers satisfaction.
  • The initial sampling process takes a maximum of 3 weeks using in-house yarns.
  • Once signed-off the product can then be passed over to production to organise the ordering of yarns and packaging.
  • The average lead-time from order placement to dispatch is 10 -12 weeks.
  • This allows 4-6 weeks for the yarns to be delivered and a further 4-6 weeks for actual production to take place.
  • We have 100% QC Inspection at knitting, finishing and packing. This ensures that all products leave the factory free from defects and to the standard required by the customer