Sustainability and Environment

Ridgeview are fully committed to creating a stable, sustainable and environmentally friendly manufacturing operation. This includes using suppliers who are equally committed and all of whom comply to the OEKO-TEX certification process.

We have an ongoing strategy to continually improve and use the latest best practice techniques for ensuring that we meet such targets.

Current Policies, Projects and Updates include:
  • Training and Education
    All staff have undergone a formal basic training programmes in how to be more sensitive to their surroundings in terms of reducing waste and protecting the environment.
  • Recyclable Materials
    Packaging - all cardboard packaging materials are either fully or partly made from recycled material and are able to be recycled after use.
    Yarn - we are currently manufacturing products using recycled Polyester.
  • Reduced Waste
    We are involved with 2 packaging projects in conjunction with our customers to find ways of reducing the environmental cost of packaging formats.
    All plastic yarn cones are returned to the yarn supplier for re-use.
  • Carbon Footprint
    We have identified our carbon footprint for the shipping of our products and are analysing ways to reduce the effects to the environment
  • Machinery
    We have invested this year in 18 machines that reduce cutting and waste in the manufacture of our products by between 4 and 7 percent.
  • Solar Energy
    We are investigating the possibility of replacing the roof at our packaging facility to include Solar Panels.
  • Heat Redistribution
    We are seeking to install a heating system to heat the entire knitting operation that re-cycles the heat and energy used by our knitting machines.